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We offer packages to accommodate the needs of the families of our communities. We recognize each family has their own desires and ideas to create the best funeral service or memorial service that will meet their personal needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss personal requests and services in more detail.

List of Services

Traditional Funeral Service with One-Day Visitation
  • Full service of the funeral director and staff
  • Transportation of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Embalming and other preparations
  • Full use of facilities
  • Funeral ceremony at the funeral home or church
  • Hearse transportation to cemetery
  • Graveside service
  • Necessary document filing

Graveside Service with One-day Visitation
This service includes the full service of the funeral director and staff, transportation of the deceased to the funeral home, embalming and other preparation of the deceased, use of facilities, visitation for one day, hearse transportation to cemetery, utility vehicle/flower van, graveside service and filing necessary documents.

Additional Services Include

  • Cremation With Traditional Service
  • Graveside Service Only
  • Immediate Cremation
  • Immediate Burial
  • Forwarding of Remains to another Funeral Home
  • Receiving Remains from another Funeral Home


Cremation services are available with or without a complete accompanying funeral service. It is very important for a family to be aware of the varying emotional needs of all those touched by a death. Honoring the life of the loved one with a complete funeral service helps the grieving - this important aspect of the funeral doesn't need to be left out just because someone has chosen cremation for their final disposition.

Visitations can be very helpful in accomodating our busy schedules. An afternoon and evening visitation allows people to pay their respects when they otherwise couldn't. Rental caskets are also available for those that wish to hold a viewing while keeping costs down.

If a family has any concerns about special religious requirements for a funeral then at Wallace and Wallace we are more than happy to assist in determing how to handle any special needs. This can be achieved through research and direct contact with your church leaders - we will help you with this.